Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ouf! it's hot...

GETTING READY FOR A WEEK out of town in May should not involve worrying about a heatwave "without historical precedent."

Well: I don't know that it's being billed thus, in fact. The weather, God knows, has been worrisome: cyclones, earthquakes, tornados, floods -- globally, things are out of kilter. Here in Sonoma county, the heat's come on so fast the ground's confused: there are still green patches on our hills, the vetch is still in bloom on the east-facing hill, but the soil is dry and hard in my little vineyard.

So it's the usual last-minute three-way scramble: try to clean up all the accumulated postponed busywork; try to button the place down for a
week's absence; prepare and pack for the week to come. We'll be seeing four, maybe five plays, and hearing a concert by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and exploring a little.

And I'll be experimenting with the blog, preparing for a longer trip in month or so...

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