Sunday, June 08, 2008

A hard day's walk

Mt. Saint Helena in the distance across the dry fields south of Windsor

UF: IT'S GETTING HOT, over ninety degrees today. I decided I needed to walk, though, so set out at about 9:40, walking over our hill and through the neighbor's vineyard, east about three-quarters of a mile to Starr Road, then north about the same and east about the same and north about a mile and a quarter to Windsor River Rd., then east maybe two-thirds of a mile to the local café, Café Noto.

It's Sunday, and nearly summertime, and there were a few joggers and cyclists out. At one point I was overtaken by a team of runners. How far you running? Oh, about sixteen miles. A few minutes later another runner came puffing along not really trying to catch up.

Well, I'd done four miles in 90 minutes, so I took a half-hour in the café, read my e-mail, and determined that I could not send any. Hmm: there are still obstacles to be overcome if I'm going to be blogging from the Alps later this month.

It was a nice rest, among more cyclists and runners; but then it got hot, and after another two and a quarter miles to Eastside Road I decided against going to Healdsburg & came home instead, another four and a quarter miles, arriving home totally exhausted at 2 pm. Totals, ca 10.5 miles in 4 hours. Going in to Healdsburg would have added another 3.3 miles, and then the same back, for a total of 17 miles! I'll save it for another day...

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