Thursday, August 16, 2007

A History of European Art Music, 1

The decor and tensility of Couperin
The pomp and glory of Rameau.
The bourgeois masterly Bach.
The worldly resourceful Handel.
The wit and cleverness of Haydn.
The humanity of Mozart.
The innigkeit and belligerence of Beethoven.
The scope and sorrow of Schubert.
The ardor and sincerity of Mendelssohn.
The fierce delicacy of Chopin.
The ardor and urgency of Schumann.
The austere depravity of Berlioz.
The languor and impetuousness of Berlioz.
The manipulation and deceit of Wagner.
The birdsong and cathedrals of Bruckner.
The marches and anxieties of Mahler.
The transcendent plainness of Ives.
The sensuous intelligence of Debussy.
The voluptuous cruelty of Ravel.
The sweet skeptical seriousness of Satie.
The precise lyricism of Webern.
The invention and humor of Cage.

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