Thursday, October 15, 2009

There is too much to think about.

AMONG THE BLOGS I follow, using Google Reader, one of my favorites — once past the truly wonderful blogs my daughter and granddaughters maintain* — is Languagehat. The author of this blog has two enthusiasms I share: language, of course, and hats: but the latter rarely find their way into his blog, more's the pity.

I'm particularly taken by his recent entry, which refers to and includes his own translation of a short text — texticle? — by Ivan Bunin, Kniga ("Book"). Because if there's a subect besots me more than hats and language, it's books; Languagehat wrote pithily on this a few days ago. So to get back to this blog of my own, neglected these past two weeks when too many other things crowded it off my front burner, here's a gentle suggestion that you might well enjoy reading Book, and Languagehat in general.

And, speaking of books, there's Curtis Faville's assay of Powell's Books, over on his Compass Rose.

*Giovanna Zivny: Giovanna's Trifles, mainly on food and drink and life in Portland.
Grace Zivny: Grace on the Go, on life as a graduate student in The Netherlands, and food and drink, and baseball, and other matters.
Francesca Zivny: A Casa a Caserta, on life as an exchange high-school student in Italy: the food, the family, the classes, the driving…
Emma Monrad: Emma Goes to College, on life as an art-school student, photographer, and bonne vivante in Portland.
Toute la famille (Zivny): Baseball Without Borders, on, well, baseball, as it looks and is in the world beyond these United States.
Do look in on these; I think you'll enjoy them.

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Another language blog is:

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