Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mount Shasta

Pavel and I traverse the scree (photo: Simon Živny)
I'VE ALWAYS WANTED to climb Mt. Shasta. We drive past it so often; it's so majestic; so serene. In the last couple of years one of my grandsons has taken to mountaineering with a lot of enthusiasm, so this summer I suggested he accompany me — actually the other way round — and last week, on Labor Day weekend, we did it.

It was a strenuous hike, and to tell the truth I didn't make it to the summit, but I'm satisfied. I thought about putting a description of the two days here, but it doesn't quite seem like Eastside View material (correct me if I'm wrong), so you can visit three webpages describing the hike in some detail, with photos, starting HERE.



Curtis Faville said...


At your age.

You must be in very good shape.

I know I couldn't do it now.

I've never been much into climbing as an adult, but as a kid I loved to climb places. My parents called me a monkey.

Charles Shere said...

I think that's the first time anyone's said (or written) "At your age" to me since I was, oh, maybe twelve years old. I can still hear the tone of voice.